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Drape Wall
Project for the 5 X 5 Participatory Provocations Exhibition.
When Donald Trump first approached us to design a border wall, we were skeptical. Giving it more thought, however, we realized that the border already exists. We wouldn’t be creating a barrier, merely decorating an existing one. It was a task we could get behind. Inspired by Lady Liberty’s flowing gown, we decided that the well known symbol, iconic but almost completely hollow, needed substance.

So we set about shaping desert sand, making a body for the dress, intent on building real mass and giving the statue new life. Drape Wall is an icon with an inside. What appears to be a monumental fence turns out to be a gathering place, a linear oasis, a Tex-Mex paradise, a little shade from the sun.

- From the Exhibition Text


Program: USA – Mexico Border Wall

Status: Exhibition Model Included in the 5 X 5 Participatory Provocations Show

Client: Original Copy

Date: 2016

More Information: 5 X 5