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Parade Ground
Located near the former St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan’s West Village, this proposal for an AIDS memorial and park is designed to act as a new route – both a path and a platform – for the annual Gay Pride parade.

While New York currently lacks a memorial, it has a strong and successful group of people, organizations, and events focused on AIDS issues. This proposal acts as a memorial to AIDS victims and a permanent gathering space for the members of that community.

The parade route winds up an artificial slope, creating interior spaces for community organizations, while a folded metal surface rises above the avenue, reflecting the neighborhood’s energy in a mosaic of light, shadow, and color that sparkles and glimmers as the city glides by.


Client: proposal

Location: West Village, Manhattan, NY

Program: Memorial and Park

Proposed on January 21st, 2012

In collaboration with Shane Neufeld (LANDA)